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Sakura Kasugano/Sunburned Sakura

Origin: Street Fighter series

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996)

Voiced by: Brittney Harvey (EN) Misato Fukuen (JP)

Theme song: A remix of Sakura's theme from Street Fighter IV

Alternate costume: Her training gi costume from Street Fighter IV and unused dress costume from one of the concept arts of Super Street Fighter IV

Stage: Snowy Shinjuku -Downtown Arcade at Night- (Shared with Silver Samurai)


Standing light punch, Crouching light punch, Jumping light punch
Standing middle punch, Crouching middle punch, Jumping middle punch
Standing fierce punch, Crouching fierce punch, Jumping fierce punch

Light kick, Crouching light kick, Jumping light kick
Standing forward kick, Crouching forward kick, Jumping forward kick
Standing fierce kick, Crouching fierce kick, Jumping fierce kick


Sailor Shot: (F +) L + L
Choba Throw: B + L + L
Flower Kick: F + M Hits overhead.
Hadouken: QCF + P projectile; charge by holding Punch
Shou'ouken: DP + P
Shunpukyaku: QCB + K
Kuuchuu Shunpukyaku: AIR QCB + K
Sakura Otoshi: DP + K,P can execute the Punch up to three consecutive times



Haru Ichiban: QCB x2  + K Nullifies underclass projectile.
Haru Ranman: QCB  + KK
(Lvl. 3) Shinku Hadouken: QCF + PP Nullifies underclass projectile.
(MAX) Shinku Tengyo Hadoken: QCF + KK

Sunburned Sakura:

(Lvl. 3) Natsu Jikan:   B,D,B + H     Transforms to Sunburned Sakura. Has 2 frames of invincibility. Permanent, unless switched back. Each Hyper gets an added 100,000 damage (excluding Shun Goku Satsu). Her Normal Dash is now faster (Felicia speed, animation is like Akuma's). She gains Ashura Teleport (F,D,F + S and B,D,B + S); her teleport has instant startup but the animation is delayed, and has instant recovery. Every Hyper now has Kei cowering in fear in the background.
Fast Startup, Fast Recovery, No damage.

(MAX) Shun Goku Satsu: L,L,F + M,H      Can only be done in Sunburned Sakura mode. Has properties of Akuma's. Kei runs away in the background.
Travels through projectiles.


Alpha: Shou'ou Ken
Beta: Hadouken
Gamma: Shunpuu Kyaku


Sakura normal intros: "Pleased to meet you!"
"Time for another challenge!"
"Oh, I'm gonna be late again!"
"Huh? What? Oh..."
"You look like you'll make this fun."

vs. Ryu: "Oh! You...!"
vs. Deadpool: "Hey! You learned that from TV too!?"
vs. Tron: "Stealing is not good!"
vs. Thor: "We Japanese have so many gods, it's hard to keep track. You are...?"
vs. Felicia: "You remind me of my cat Cammy..."
vs. Morrigan: "Hello Morrigan-sama..."
vs. Viewtiful Joe: "You got such a big head! Anyone ever tell you that?"
vs. Frank West: "My favorite reporter, I see you all the time on TV!!"
vs. Doctor Doom: "You're that one guy from the news!"
vs. Amaterasu: "Kami-sama..."
vs. Phoenix: "You're not the only one with a dark side."
vs. Sentinel: "Really wish I had that infinite right now."
vs. Iron Man: "You do know I'm 16, right?"
vs. Shuma Gorath: "... crap."

Win quotes: "I must find him! Do you know where he is?"
"My journey continues..."
"Oh crap! I'm gonna be late!"
"I think I broke my date with Karin... she's gonna want to fight me again."
"I did it, Kei! Did ya see it? I was flying, like, four stories in the air!!"

After defeating Ryu:  "Thank you for the fight."
After defeating Deadpool: "You said you got that from a video game? I suck at those!!"
After defeating Tron: "Stealing is still not good."
After defeating Thor: "That hammer hurt a lot more than I thought it would..."
After defeating Felicia: "Kitty got claws... and they hurt. What kind of nun are you?"
After defeating Morrigan: "I'm sorry, but Ryu is a much better teacher."
After defeating Viewtiful Joe: "Aw, your girlfriend is so lucky!"
After defeating Frank West: "I look forward to your next story."
After defeating Doctor Doom: "You got beat by a Japanese schoolgirl, HA! What does that say about you!?"
After defeating Amaterasu: "Kami-sama?"
After defeating Sentinel: "Kicking metal really hurt!"
After defeating Iron Man: "Hentai."
After defeating Shuma Gorath: "Honestly, that wasn't fun."


Akuma: "Sensei!"
Amaterasu: "Kami!"
Arthur: "Sir Arthur!"
Chun-Li: "Oneesan!"
Dante: "Dante!"
Felicia: "Kitty!"
Frank West: "Franky!"
Hsien-Ko: "Lei-Lei!"
Jill: "Jill!"
Ken: "Sensei!"
Morrigan: "Sensei!"
Phoenix: "Jean!"
Roll: "Roll-chan!"
Ryu: "Sensei!"
Spencer: "Dude!"
Tron Bonne: "T. Bonne!"
Viewtiful Joe: "Colossal Cranium!"
Wesker: "Wesker!"
X: "X-sama!"
Zero: "Zero-san!"
Axl: "Axl-san!"
Captain America: "Captain!"
Deadpool: "Couch Potato!"
Doctor Doom: "DD!"
Hulk: "Banner!"
Iron Man: "Hentai!"
Magneto: "Erik!"
Sentinel: "Mr. Roboto!"
Spider-Man: "Spidey!"
Storm: "Storm!"
Thor: "Kami!"
Wolverine: "Wolvie!"


No Good At Games                                  - Clear Arcade mode with Sakura on any difficulty

Imitator                                          - Clear Arcade mode with Sakura on Very Hard

Schoolgirl                                        - Clear 5 missions with Sakura

Cherry Blossom                                    - Clear all missions with Sakura

Tokyo Native                                      - Use Sakura 30 times

Ryu's Biggest Fan                                 - Clear Boss Rush mode with Sakura

Late Again                                        - Use Sakura 100 times
What I think Sakura's moveset would be like in UMvC3, IMO.^_^
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Dhilah-Dayat Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
I think Sakura would call Phoenix Wright "Ryuuichi-san"
SonicUnderground316 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
You wanted her in UMvC3 huh ? Well we can change the past but this might interest you : sonicunderground316.deviantart…
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
"Hello Morrigan-sama..."
Probably want to refrain from encouraging her, unless you want to.
BCHolbrook Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012
Sakura would DEFINITELY say this stuff. Especially her quote to Thor. XD
kanta6 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
Sakura's awesome.
LeiFangHelenaFan Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She sure is.^_^
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