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Origin: Street Fighter series

First Appearance: Street Fighter (1987)

Voiced by: Kyle Hebert (EN) Hiroki Takahashi (JP)

Alternate costume: His topless gi alternate costume from Street Fighter IV

Theme song: A remix of Ryu's theme from Street Fighter IV

Stage: Sakura-Dai Castle -Night- (Shared with Ken and Akuma)


Standing light punch, Crouching light punch, Jumping light punch
Standing middle punch, Crouching middle punch, Jumping middle punch
Standing fierce punch, Crouching fierce punch, Jumping fierce punch

Light kick, Crouching light kick, Jumping light kick
Standing forward kick, Crouching forward kick, Jumping forward kick
Standing fierce kick, Crouching fierce kick, Jumping fierce kick


Seoi Nage: (F)+ L + L
Tomoe Nage: B + L + L
Straight: M + M
Sakotsu Wari: F + M
Kyuubi Kudaki: F + H
Hadouken: (AIR) QCF + P
Shouryuken: (AIR) DP + P
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: (AIR) QCB + K
Kuuchuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: AIR QCB + K
Joudan Sokutou Geri: HCF + K


Shinkuu Hadouken: (AIR) QCF + PP
Shinkuu Hadouken (Vertical Up): QCF + PP, U
Shinkuu Hadouken (Vertical Down): (AIR) QCF + PP, D
Shin Shouryuken: DP + PP   
(Lv. 3)Denjin Hadouken: QCF + P, hold P to charge


Alpha: H Shoryuken
Beta: H Hadouken
Gamma: H Tatsumaki Senpukyaku


vs. Ken: Ryu: "It's been a while hasn't it?"
Ken: "Long time no see old friend, are you ready?"
vs. Sakura: Sakura: "Oh! You...!"
Ryu: "Let's see how well you've trained."
vs. Chun-Li: Chun-Li: "You never stop fighting, do you?"
Ryu: "Nice form. Now, let's go!"
vs. Spider-Man: Spider-Man: "You got a black belt in stupid if you think you're gonna beat me."
Ryu: "Spiders. I hate spiders."
vs. Akuma: Akuma: "You will feel the pain of the Satsui no Hado!"
Ryu: "I will surpass... the Satsui no Hado!"
vs. Wolverine: Wolverine: "Let's see those karate moves, kid."
Ryu: "Interesting... You fight like a wild animal!"
vs. Iron Fist: Iron Fist: "Come on, let's see what you've got."
Ryu: "Master of the Iron Fist? Show me!"
vs. Asura: Ryu: "Your power...maybe you have the answers I seek."
Asura: "Yes! Finally, A Worthy Opponent!"

After defeating Ken: "Thanks for the challenge, my friend!
After defeating Sakura: "You're good, but not good enough."
After defeating Batsu: "That was a good fight, but you have to learn more."
After defeating Chun-Li: "Your kicks still need practice."
After defeating Spider-Man: "Huh... I guess that wasn't so scary."
After defeating Akuma: "I knew your teachings were false."
After defeating Wolverine: "When you lost control, you lost the fight."
After defeating Iron Fist: "So... that was K-un-Lun's power...
After defeating Asura: "Wow. That was an intense experience."

Tag-ins: "Now!"

Ken: "Ken!"
Sakura: "Sakura!"
Captain America: "Cap!"
Phoenix Wright: "Mr. Wright!"

Tag-out: "Take 'em!"

Taunt: ::Adjusts the handguards on his gloves:: "Get serious!"
::Reties headband:: "Is that it?"

Replacing Fallen Allies:

(One Ally Remaining) "Now it's my turn!"
(No Allies Remaining) "It's not over yet!"


(Light Attack)(vs. Sakura) "I've...underestimated you"


The True Warrior            - Clear Arcade mode with Ryu on any difficulty

One With Nature             - Clear Arcade mode with Ryu on Very Hard

Street Fighter              - Complete 5 missions with Ryu

Training Everyday           - Complete 10 missions with Ryu

Fair And Square             - Use Ryu 30 times

Ken's Rival                 - Clear Boss Rush mode with Ryu

Satsui Ryu                  - Use Ryu 100 times
What I think Ryu's moveset should've been in UMvC3, IMO.^_^

Credit goes to Capcom for the character and image.^_^
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