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Origin: X-Men series

First Appearance: (UK) Captain Britain, vol. 1 #8 (Dec. 1976)
(U.S.) New Mutants Annual #2 (Oct. 1986)

Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks

Theme song: A remix of Psylocke's theme from Marvel Super Heroes

Alternate costume: Ninja Psylocke

Stage: Skyscraper at Night -Los Angeles-


Standing light punch, Crouching light punch, Jumping light punch
Standing middle punch, Crouching middle punch, Jumping middle punch
Standing fierce punch, Crouching fierce punch, Jumping fierce punch

Light kick, Crouching light kick, Jumping light kick
Standing forward kick, Crouching forward kick, Jumping forward kick
Standing fierce kick, Crouching fierce kick, Jumping fierce kick


Triple Jump: AIR U,U
Moonsault Kick: AIR U + H
Vanity Kick: B + H after certain attacks
Backstep Kick: B + H, hold F
Chuugaeri Abise Geri: F + H
Psi-Shot: AIR QCF + P
Psi-Blade: AIR QCF + L,L,H
Psi-Spin Curve: AIR QCF + H,L,L
Ninjitsu: AIR HCB  + P or K
__Psi-Drill: any direction + P or K


Psi-Thrust: AIR QCF + PP
__Repeat: any direction + P or K
Maelstrom:  QCF + KK, tap P or K repeatedly
Kochou Gakure: AIR QCB + KK


Alpha: H Psi-Spin
Beta: H Psi-Blast
Gamma: H Psi-Blast


vs. Wolverine: "Your claws are no match for my Psy powers, Logan."

vs. Cyclops: "So, you're challenging me to a duel, Scott? Fine then."

vs. Phoenix: "It's time to put out the flames, Jean."

vs. Storm: "Master of Elements? Give me a break!"

vs. Rogue: "Don't even think about stealing my abilities, Anna!"

vs. Iceman: "Are you trying to freeze me, Bobby?"

vs. Strider Hiryu: "Sorry, but this fight is mine."

After defeating Wolverine: "No, seriously. Get lost, Logan."

After defeating Cyclops: "I'll never lose to someone like you."

After defeating Phoenix: "Your flames didn't even leave a rust on my abilities."

After defeating Storm: "You call that fighting? Whatever."

After defeating Rogue: "That's what you get for stealing other people's powers!"

After defeating Iceman: "Just looking at your lack of power already gives me the chills."

After defeating Strider Hiryu: "Hmph! Not on my back, you sorry excuse of a ninja."

Tag-ins: "Stay out of my sight!"

Wolverine: "Logan!"

Cyclops: "Scott!"

Phoenix: "Jean!"

Storm: "Ororo!"

Rogue: "Anna!"

Iceman: "Bobby!"

Captain America: "Cap!"

Phoenix Wright: "Mr. Wright!"

Tag-out: "You think so?"

Taunt: :: Puts hands on her hips while beckoning her opponent, and smiles:: "Yeah, right!"
:: Puts hands on her hips while beckoning her opponent, and smiles:: "Not this time!"

Replacing Fallen Allies:

(One Ally Remaining) "I'll end this!"
(No Allies Remaining) "You're finished!"


(Light Attack) "Ugh!"
(Time over) "How could I lose so easily?"

Titles: Coming Soon
What I think Psylocke's moveset should be like in UMvC3, IMO.^_^

Credit goes to Marvel for the character and image.^_^
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kanta6 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
D: Awww.
kanta6 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
Will she be using those katana?
LeiFangHelenaFan Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No, she won't.
Moltenman1997 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Voice actor for Psylocke should be Kimberly Brooks.
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