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Crimson Viper

Origin: Street Fighter series

First Appearance: Street Fighter IV (2009)

Theme song: A remix of C. Viper's theme from Street Fighter IV

Voiced by: Michelle Ruff (EN) Mie Sonozaki (JP)

Alternate costume: Her body suit from Super Street Fighter IV

Stage: Abandoned S.I.N. Headquarters


Standing light punch, Crouching light punch, Jumping light punch
Standing middle punch, Crouching middle punch, Jumping middle punch
Standing fierce punch, Crouching fierce punch, Jumping fierce punch


Ab Fitness    (F +) L + L
Temple Massage  B + L + L
Viper Elbow  F + M
Double Kick  F + H
High Jump  D + /U/UF/UB Must input U immediately after D
Thunder Knuckle  QCB + P cancel by pressing any two Punch buttons
Burning Kick   QCB + K
Aerial Burning Kick   AIR QCB + K
Seismic Hammer  DP + P cancel by pressing any two Punch buttons


Emergency Combination  QCF + PP
Burst Time  QCB + PP
Viper Full Throttle  DP + PP
(MAX)Burning Dance   AIR QCB + KK


Alpha: Thunder Knuckle
Beta:  Seismic Gunner
Gamma:  Burning Kick

vs. Juri: Juri: "Well, well. Look who's come crawling back."
C. Viper: "Shut up and let's fight!"
vs. Chun-Li: "It's an Interpol agent. Don't worry, I'll take care of her."
vs. Cammy: C. Viper: "What? You again!"
Cammy: "I won't go easy on you this time!"
vs. Ken: C. Viper: ::Is on phone with someone:: "I found Ken Masters, I'll call back."
Ken: "Mess with family, and I'll crush you!"
vs. Captain America: "This one could be a problem."
vs. Strider Hiryu: "...Strider Hiryu?!"

After defeating Juri: "You won't be able to defeat me with those skills!"
After defeating Chun-Li: "Back off, and mind your own business."
After defeating Cammy: "You still call yourself a fighter? Pfft!"
After defeating Ken: "Ha! You and your family values."
After defeating Capatin America: "Sorry, I'm allergic to handcuffs!"
After defeating Strider Hiryu: "So you are real. I always thought you were just a myth."

Tag-ins: "Take care of it!"

Captain America: "Cap!"

Phoenix Wright: "Mr. Wright!"

Tag out: "I'll do it!"

Taunts: ::Fixes gloves:: "I don't have time for this!"
::Fixes gloves::  "You ready to give up?"

Replacing Fallen Allies:

(One Ally Remaining) "Give me a break!"
(No Allies Remaining) "Not really my kinda battle."


(Time over) "Time's up."


Spy                   - Clear Arcade mode with Crimson Viper on any difficulty

Secret Agent          - Clear Arcade mode with Crimson Viper on Very Hard

Infiltrating S.I.N    - Complete 5 missions with Crimson Viper

Perfect At Work       - Complete all missions with Crimson Viper

No Overtime           - Use Crimson Viper 30 times

Motherly Love         - Clear Boss Rush mode with Crimson Viper

Playing With Fire     - Use Crimson Viper 100 times
What I think C. Viper's moveset should've been in UMvC3, IMO.^_^

Credit goes to Capcom for the character and image.^_^
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